A Huge Thing We’re Wasting Our Money On and How to Stop

Women are famed for shopping and stereotyped for being frivolous. It’s time we come up with a plan to prove that there is another side to femininity, one that doesn’t include buzz cuts and slapping the hand that opens the door for us. Confession: I actually stand at the car door and wait for my husband to open it for me! But that’s neither here nor there. I want to talk about how we are wasting our money, and in a lot of ways our time, on beauty products. I am the first in line! I know for a fact that right now I have 3 mascaras, 5 mineral base powders, 7 tweezers, a minimum of 15 different colors of eye shadow, among many other random multiples that I wonder how ended up in my medicine cabinet.

Using only the information above, let’s calculate how much cash is in just some of my products:

  • 3 mascaras = 23.31
  • 5 foundations = 142.50
  • 7 tweezers = 21.45
  • 15 eye shadow colors = 44.93

Total = 232.19


That is well over two hundred smackers in just part of my makeup bag, and I don’t want to even get started telling you about my haircare products. This mop has turned me inside out as I tried to figure out how to tame thick, naturally curly hair. I took a moment as I sat looking at my beauty products and I turned into Socrates (a philosopher) for a second and wondered how all this is making me prettier, or better. Now, there is nothing wrong with enhancing our features, and it’s actually fun to play around with. It’s like art. But seriously, 7 tweezers? According to a fascinating report by InStyle the average woman spends more than $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime! I’m assuming these are American women, but this fact is staggering! We are either really insecure, really vain, love to shop for the sport of it or we really are as frivolous as they say we are.


Our goal is to be financially savvy and get our debt under control, have an emergency fund, start investing in our retirement, pay for our children’s college, play around with investing, travel, buy a reliable car. Who doesn’t have one of these long lists living in their mind? I know I do. Number One is an apartment and PCA for my mother in law!


Challenge: dump out your makeup bag and gather all the extras and leftovers that you have in the bathroom, the car, or in that junk drawer in your bedroom and lay it out on the floor. Categorize it however you want to: eyes, hair, nails, skin… What are you spending your money on? Realizing you have a problem is half the battle! According to Good Sense, beauty products are high at the top of the list of things women want to buy.


Now, I’m excited that pretty soon I’m going to have a capsule wardrobe, which is the best way to save on clothes btw. As soon as it’s ready I am so excited to model my “new” outfits for you! But did you know that there is such a thing as a capsule makeup collection? Yay for minimalism! And for saving a TON of money!


‘Nuther Challenge: I’m the first to sign the waiver on this one. I vow to get rid of all the makeup I don’t absolutely need or use during my daily routine. Let’s give ourselves some time in case we are really really attached to that one thing we can’t remember we have. One week. We have one week to complete the first challenge and then go through our days like normal ladies. Take out all your makeup and all the multiples, and as you go through your makeup routine, put those things in your makeup bag or box or drawer or whatever, and leave the rest of that clutter out to stare at you all week. At the close of the week we will give away (because we are generous and giving people who don’t hoard) all the makeup that is acting like what it is: a bunch of clutter. We all have a little cousin or sister who would go bananas for all our leftovers.


I hope that this gives you some new perspective and I am excited to hear how it turned out for you!




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