Why Earthquakes Affect You Too

A good shaking up makes a woman think about her husband, children and finances. Two good shakes make her more alert than ever to those things and whether or not God is trying to get her (and thousands of other people’s) attention.

I have had a bad habit in the past of criticizing Mexican culture. There are things that still get under my skin (as does American culture to people living there from different backgrounds). I regret my negativity. I’ve been surprised, even amazed at how an earthquake brings the people out to fight for the lives of strangers. Solidarity is the word that rings in our ears in the aftermath.

I am now acutely aware of how financially unready we are for a real disaster. We can expect another earthquake soon. Whether that means a month or 20 years, in earthquake land, either is extremely soon.

Only now does it occur to me to check the placement of the tectonic plates near us, and lo-and-behold Mexico is the only region that earthquake scientists can’t explain. Large earthquakes are supposed to occur every few hundred years. Suffice it to say, in Lamen’s terms, Mexico’s earthquakes are a phenomenon of the phenomenon.

Watching the Hurricanes blast through the U.S. I’m also convinced that people inland feel too safe.

I’m no doomsday fanatic, but so far I’ve read that large-scale tornado outbreaks are on the riseCategory 4 and 5 hurricanes have increased 80% in an extremely short 30-year time span.

While statistically speaking the rate of big earthquakes isn’t increasing, I find 2 in the same month to be a bit of an anomaly worth examining, in the metaphysical sense anyway.

If we aren’t being distracted by fashion or Netflix (guilty), the tendency to think deep about what might be our purpose on this earth is built into us. Family becomes paramount, a secular society suddenly turns religious as they instinctively look to God after a disaster.

“Instinctive” is the operative word. God made the animals “just know” that Spring is when they’re supposed to mate. Logic follows that he also made people “just know” there is a God. Comfort and distraction (and many other factors) simply numbs the truth.

It’s a lot like caging a lion for his whole life. It strips him of his aggression. He can live docile for his whole life, except when he is provoked, he attacks. He was designed that way.

I don’t normally get overly-spiritual about stuff, but under the circumstances I think I’ll allow it for now.

If you and your family are safe today, thank God for it. Don’t wait for disaster.





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