About Me

How many times have you gotten to a point in your life, turned around and thought, “Jeez, I wish someone would have told me that.” The first thing that comes to mind for me is how often to change the oil on my car so that black smoke won’t billow out of it. I really wish someone would have told me…


This blog is for women who don’t want to make that mistake with their marriage, their kids or their finances.


I work hard to be one step ahead of the game, and many times I fail. From failure of course comes expertise and wisdom, but not before the humiliation of falling on my face in baby poopy.


Once upon a time I was a new mom, I thought I knew what was best for my bundle and ended up suffering for it… and dragging him along for the ride. Sleep training seems so logical and simple now, but I was a stubborn mommy.


My first year of marriage was a mess of fights, counseling and romance.


Finally, despite my best efforts to create spread sheet after spread sheet for my budget and financial future, I also failed because I lacked someone to tell me the basics. My earliest memory of financial guidance was my father handing me a W2 when I was 14. He told me that the tax forms were at the library. “Figure it out.”


My name is Emily Vega and I am a wife, a stay at home mom and an entrepreneur in the making. I am a Proverbs 31 woman in training, and I write to the Proverbs 31 woman in training.


The Proverbs 31 woman is a woman who has her sh-tuff together. Her husband thinks she rocks, her kids too. She also has a bunch of side hustles and makes daring investments so that she has cash left over to give to the poor.┬áhis woman was a fashion designer for the rich, a realtor, a vinter, import entrepeneur, artist, vendor, AND she dresses well. That’s just on the surface, inside she has dignified self-respect and a great attitude about the future. She is so awesome she even makes her husband look good. By all accounts, she brings home a few slices of the bacon too.


You will see that this blog is loaded with advice. I promise you that this advice was hard-earned and tested for your benefit.


I try to write a post for each of my categories every week so there is never a shortage of information to help you get through the next stages of life without smacking your hand to your forehead with a Homer-esque “Doh!”


Here are a few nuggets to get you going:












I want to know how you’re doing, what is going on with you. I feel like we’re friends already! Get in touch with me at emily@emilyvega.com and we can swap stories.