About Me

My name is Emily Vega, I’m a stay at home mom, and I have some high expectations of myself. I want to share my journey about how I am trying to raise my children the right way, live in financial freedom, be a happy wife, and base all these goals on biblical guidance.


I tried to find a millionaire man, but I got handsome tv producer instead. We married, we live in Mexico and we had a lovely baby boy who I will call Boo. He’s my baby Boo and he is my world.


I decided to write this blog because Proverbs 31 had its way with me one day. This woman made purple (fashion designer for the rich), bought and sold land (realtor), planted whole vineyards (vinter), brings good from “afar” (import entrepeneur), she creates (artist), sells (vendor), dresses herself and her family well (dignified self-respect), has a great attitude about the future (optimist)… and I saved the best for last. She is so awesome at everything she does that her husband is the envy of all men who matter in the world. The moral of the story, in short, is that she doesn’t stay at home baking cookies and helping Boo with his finger painting. She brings home a few slices of bacon too.


The idea in the end turned out to be that I want to enjoy writing on this blog while hopefully turning it into my literal-proverbial vineyard, I want to be 100% me, I want to be able to say that I’m a Christian (flawed as the case may be), quote the Bible and still talk smack, I want to talk about raising my baby, our finances, my oh-so-many emotional struggles, and regular every day goals like exercise and staying on budget. I am a stay at home mom, and this is my story.


Things you can expect from my blog:


  1. Lots of lists (goals, ideas, budgets, plans, etc.)
  2. Full disclosure (I will not leave important details to your imagination)
  3. What newspaper people would call “human interest” (I love telling stories)


Things I expect from my blog:


  1. TO LEARN! (the best teacher for me is between trial-and-error and humiliation, so we’ll see which comes first!)
  2. To start a conversation with moms about how we can handle life differently, positively, and from a biblical perspective.
  3. I am a realist, so I will say that my long-run expectation is outstanding blogger-success worthy of confetti, but the short-run expectation is to fail here and there along the way.