Sleep Training Your Baby Made Easy

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Using Canva to Create a Brand – Style Guide Tips for Beginners

Creating a style guide in canva

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Deciding to Have Your First Baby

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Make Money While You Sleep

You’ve been told that getting a good education and working a good job is the path to financial freedom. I have news for you: you’ve been lied to. People who are financially free rely, depend and live on passive income.… Continue Reading

Inside Your Teenage Girl’s Mind: The Future (Part 5 of 5)

Mom, your teenage daughter needs you. She is terrified about her future! Ok, “terrified” is a strong word, but it is definitely on her mind a lot. A lot. And her worst fear is pretty much the same as everyone’s:… Continue Reading

What Start-A-Blog Bloggers Aren’t Telling You

Before I get into this, I am 100% in favor of starting a blog. It’s been proven that people can make money blogging. I also think it is 100% possible to do!   It’s not scientifically probable that everyone will… Continue Reading

The Golden Rules of Marriage (Free Conflict Contract)

Conflict in marriage is a given. There’s no way around it. You married him and now you have to lie in the bed you made. I’m here to tell you that marriage is hard.   If you haven’t read what… Continue Reading

Inside Your Teen Girl’s Mind: School (Part 4 of 5)

Ok! Here’s another one that moms are clamoring to know more about: what is my teen thinking about school? Our job as moms is to make sure that our kids get through school with some measure of success, and a… Continue Reading

The Kids Are Out of Control! Is Your Marriage To Blame?

Children of all ages know when something isn’t right between you and your husband. If you’re struggling with rebellious kids, take a good look at your relationship with your husband and how the two of you treat one another.  … Continue Reading