The Golden Rules of Marriage (Free Conflict Contract)

Conflict in marriage is a given. There’s no way around it. You married him and now you have to lie in the bed you made. I’m here to tell you that marriage is hard.   If you haven’t read what… Continue Reading

The Kids Are Out of Control! Is Your Marriage To Blame?

Children of all ages know when something isn’t right between you and your husband. If you’re struggling with rebellious kids, take a good look at your relationship with your husband and how the two of you treat one another.  … Continue Reading

The Only Apology that Gets a Happy Ending

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5 Books that Turned My Husband Back into My Biggest Hero

When anyone gets married, I’m convinced that we all had a rude awakening within the first few months. I don’t like to compare awakenings, but I will say that I’ve seen much better and much much worse among my own… Continue Reading