Why Your Love is Not Enough For Your Husband

Your love isn’t enough. He craves respect!   Imagine you are in an auditorium with thousands of men and women, respectable Christ-followers in their seats. Many are single, many others are married couples. They are all faced with a decision… Continue Reading

Thankful for the Fleas: How to be Grateful for Your Imperfect Husband

Do you ever daydream about what you’d do or where you’d go if your husband were ever to die?   You’re not wishing he would die or plotting his assassination, but on the rare night he comes home really late… Continue Reading

Friends With Benefits: A Guide to Better Intimacy With Your Husband

It’s a fact, most wives have to work harder at getting “in the mood” than their husbands. Sex is just not at the top of our list of priorities. In fact it usually ends up as a scribbled afterthought in… Continue Reading

5 FREE Gifts for Your Husband that You Never Thought of Before

Christmas is coming up and now you have the nearly impossible task of buying your husband a gift – again.¬†You have no idea what he really needs besides socks and underwear, and what they like is usually limited to any… Continue Reading

Top 10 Dates to Spice Up Your Marriage (On A Budget)

Romance used to be important to your marriage. It might have even been a pillar at one time. Your husband used to think of you at the gas station on the way home from work and bought you flowers. You… Continue Reading

Marriage is Really Hard, How to Buck Up

Marriage is really flingin’ hard. I’ve only been at it for two and a half years and I have had those thoughts. You probably know what thoughts I’m talking about. Did you pick the right guy after all? Did you… Continue Reading