How to Handle Temper Tantrums

You’re in the middle of Target and your toddler sees something she wants to grab, touch or buy. You calmly and assertively say she can’t have the thing, suddenly there is a rip in the universe from the incessant screams.… Continue Reading

Is Rocking Your Baby Bad? Defining the Sleep Association

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE TO KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.   Your baby needs so much love and affection, attention, exercise, the right diet, vitamins not to mention a full night’s sleep. What’s that? You’re baby still… Continue Reading

Screen Time for Your Kids Could be Essential

Let’s face it, we are not living on the prairie anymore. I had grandios plans of keeping my child free from the contamination of tv, videos and the all- popular cellphone diversion. Need 10 minutes of peace? Hand a 2… Continue Reading

Influencing Your Children (Without Even Realizing It)

Ah, the imperfect and surprising task of mothering. This morning I got to thinking about how my behavior is telling my son how to do life.   Let’s face it, kids in general are little clones of who we are.… Continue Reading

Diaper Free by Age 2

Warning: correct bathroom and body terms are used in this post. Also affiliate links are a part of this blog’s livelihood.    Picture your little baby strutting confidently around your house with no diaper (and preferably in pants), meanwhile you are… Continue Reading

One Simple Solution for Mom to Regain her Sanity

I had a long phone conversation with another one of those high-up-on-a-pedestal women. Just the kind of women I adore surrounding myself with. These women seem flawless, they have it all together and they know exactly what to say. During… Continue Reading