How to Be Self-Motivated (When You’re Not)

“I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute. ” If ever there was a winner attitude in this world, this quote from Warren Buffett encompasses all things motivational. It has confidence, it has faith, and I think I get the strong sense of determination, will power and empowerment in there. Warren Buffett, aged 86, is noooo quitter. He keeps going, keeps trying, keeps getting better.


Just imagine having this kind of impulsive self-motivation in other areas of our lives. If we applied this to our devotion time with the Lord, we would be Paul. If we applied it to a determination to wear makeup everyday, we would be the cover girl. If we applied it to doing what it is we love most in life, we would be unarguably content with our life’s current path.


I will be the first to admit that we all need a little push, and we might even need daily reminders, and possibly an accountability partner asking, “What have you done to accomplish that thing you are always chipping away at?”


It is no secret

that I want to help other women find their voice and tell their story using this wonderful medium we call the internet. So far I have started 4 blogs. All my past efforts failed because of one fatal stroke to my career as a writer: I stopped writing.


I am in the middle of all kinds of self-help reading, and I also decided to create a vision board.


When I first heard about this concept I kinda rolled my eyes, I thought it was corny. The idea was to create a physical board with images and phrases that motivate you to keep going on whatever it is you are trying to finish or start doing.


The rate of return on a vision board by itself is not measured in dollars, rather in the amount of motivation you get when you see it, and the effort you put into being your best you every day.



Walk the Walk (because talk is cheap)

Once you have an idea or even something you like to do, keep it to yourself. You heard me! Don’t tell anyone about what you are about to conquer. A slogan genius came up with life’s best advice: just do it.


There are a billion niches in the world that don’t sound like money-makers, but if you are passionate about it, you can make it happen. Knitting? No problem. Kick boxing? Crush it. Cooking? What are you waiting for!? Maybe you won’t become a millionaire doing these things, but if you work hard enough I know that you can make a living.


Don’t be one of those put-it-on-the-back-burner procrastinators. If you want to find out more about upping your motivation and kicking the procrastination habit, read hereIf ever there was a time to start, it’s today. 

Write down your goals

Self-motivation is a must

We are surrounded by nay-sayers, negativity and neanderthals. When you try to get ‘er done, people will try to get in your head. You need to steal Buffett’s quote and make it yours: “I always knew I was going to [make a living doing what I love]. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute. ”


Write it down. Fill in the blanks with your dream or even your smallest goal. Put it somewhere you are forced to stare at it daily. If you have one tack it onto your vision board, and say it to yourself every day until it becomes your reality.


A vision board can really work wonders. I realize it sounds cheesy, but I can say that when I look at it I’m reminded of the woman I want to be. I have a collage on my wall in front of my computer, which happens to be in my dining room. I am forced to look at it every day. A photo of my dream home is up there next to spiritual giants telling me that if I find myself going through hell to keep going (C.S. Lewis), among other things that make me want to throw lazy Emily out the window.


It is a visual push telling you what you promised yourself you would (or wouldn’t) do. It does not have reminders for your kid’s baseball game carelessly stuck on it. It does have inspirational quotes, and it has items, images or photos that remind you of your goal, of where you want to go, of you who you want to become.


You are your most important cheerleader

A vision board is precisely for people who identify with the phrase, out of sight out of mind. Life and other distractions pull you away from your goals and the discipline necessary to reach them. If you want to exercise every morning to keep up your energy, imagine waking up every day to pictures of old people jumping out of airplanes.


You want to become strong. Fulfilled. Spiritually solid. Only one person is going to remind you of your constant desire to be the best version of you. And that is you.


Create your daily nuisance. You will look at it and say, “That’s what I want. That’s what I will work toward today.” I promise that there will be more days where you will look at it and say, “That sounds like too much work.” Fight that voice, keep going and become the woman you were meant to become.


Finally, be a finisher

All this could just end up being a big time-waster if you let it. This is not a scrapbooking project that will be fun while it lasts. If you can really wake up and remind yourself of the woman you are working toward becoming, it will become harder and harder to let the quitter take over.


Quitters never win, and the point of any self-motivation tactic is to force you into a winner’s mindset. Once you get in that mindset, it will take a wicked strong crowbar to pry you away from your determination.


You will get there. You are Proverbs 31.


What goals have you set lately? What would you put on your vision board? 


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