Foolproof Plan to Get People to Subscribe to Your Blog


I have an email list. You can subscribe to it if you just take two seconds and enter your email address in the field on the right. Are you convinced? What if I said, “Please?” The chances are, unless you’re my grandmother, you are not going to waste those two precious seconds to sign up for my e-mail list.


If you’re an advanced blogger, you are nodding your head knowingly, laughing a little on the inside. If this were a face to face conversation you would jump in with the answer right here. “Oh, that’s easy!”


I have officially been scouting the top 4 ┬ásocial networks out there, and as a result, officially, I am a successful subscriber to 7 new blogs. A little overwhelming since our inboxes are already saturated with information and people and advertising and all the rest. We can’t even escape Google ads in our inbox! Now I’m not knocking Google ads, Google ads are great, but why on earth would I sign up for more mail?


I can’t escape the fact that I found all the other bloggers because of other bloggers. Bloggers only thrive because of other bloggers. It is an ongoing, give and take, back scratching exchange. It is an endless conversation that everyone is riveted to till the end. So what did I do? Just like I would at any party, I snuck into the circle of amazing conversationalists and waited my turn to put in my clever two cents, and I am now a part of the conversation. Maybe no one has turned to ask my name yet, but someone heard me.


After all that, I admit that I probably wouldn’t have signed up for those bloggers’ e-mail list for a simple “Please.”


So what convinced me?


The answer is easy and obvious and I’m thinking hard about what I can do in light of this invaluable information.


Free stuff.


On one occasion I signed up just because she promised me a free printable marriage quote. True story! The others were sometimes more involved or more fun, like an e-book or a giveaway for the first 100 people. I have not written an e-book and have nothing to give away yet, so here I am racking my brain… And wondering what you would like in exchange for signing up for my e-mail list.


What I’m finding is that blogging is a generous trade. It should not and cannot be all about me, or how I can convince or connive! I believe the first rule ought to be: give of yourself. Give your best, give your all, and make sure that whatever you have to say is actually helpful. Taking and not giving back is death to friendship, marriage, healthy parenting and – there are absolutely no exceptions – to a blog.


So instead of figuring out how to “get people to sign up,” we all should sit down and take a good look at who we are and what we have to offer that is really truly helpful to other people who might be interested in our story. And when we find it, give it away in the spirit of generosity.


Blogging unknowingly follows a surprisingly Biblical pattern,


“It is far better to give than to receive.”


So, my fool proof plan? I plan to do two things, and I recommend to new bloggers that they follow my lead:


1) I promise to contribute to the conversation, and not to obnoxiously weasle my way in.


2) I vow to dig deep and find out what of true value that I have to offer young wives interested in their families and their financial well-being ~ or money, marriage and motherhood.


My perspective on blogging has completely changed for the better. I have decided that my purpose is to serve others. And there is, as they say, nothing more powerful than a made-up mind.




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