Mom Instinct: Don’t Mess with Her

If there’s anything I learned from my old lady it’s that moms are hard to fool. I thought I was so smooth and rebellious, flying under the radar… Only to find out later that she had me pegged. It was the infamous mom instinct that kept me from being overly sly. Now that I’m a mom I’m understanding the many facets of motherly instincts, and how awesome they are. They virtually turn any mom into freakin Batman if the occasion requires it.


I have an ongoing problem, maybe someone knows where I can channel all my anger. Abused children. Little girls and boys that have been kidnapped, taken, abducted and used by some pervert. Family members robbing their kids of any remaining innocence.


Maybe I am being un-Christian, whatever that may be, but thinking about someone else’s child in a situation of torture forces me to look my son in the eyes and face a lot of truths. Would I be willing to kill someone if they were hurting my boy? Would I willingly take a bullet to save my son? I’m pretty sure that instinct is what takes over anyway and I wouldn’t rationalize in the moment. My short answer to those questions is, “Most likely, yes!”


My mom had her day. It’s my turn. Many things terrify me about raising a son, especially when I dwell on puberty and teenage years. It’s just that when I think of someone taking advantage of my boy’s innocence, I get crazy. I have given my son and his future to the Lord, and I pray for him daily. I have confidence that my son will become the godly man he was meant to be. But the enemy has different plans for him, and a mom has to put on her B.A. face to fight him off.


Why Moms Are So Dang Cool


1. Capable of Real Physical Harm (when provoked)

A mom filled with instinctive reactions every day is a powerful superhero. Not only will she jump in front of a speeding bullet, she will probably Chuck Norris kick someone’s face in if they get between her an her kid. I am really warning you, do not mess with her.


2. Dying All the Time

In fact, because of these instincts, a mom dies for her kid at least once a day. What I mean is children change you. That thing that was like pulling teeth before suddenly comes naturally. The Bible calls it “dying to yourself.” (Definition: thinking of someone else before yourself).


Before my boy came along my husband and I were a mess who regularly messed up and made bigger messes whenever we tried to clean up the mess. Immorality, rebellion, lies, rage and pride all ruled the day. All things I somehow have to convince my kid are not worth the heartache, headache and the pain in the butt. Just like my parents tried to tell me… sheesh!


Instinctively and somehow automatically, I die for my son every day. That is, I die to myself. He’s just a baby, but my lifestyle has changed to keep out the riffraff. Where swearing was cool once, it now sounds immature and vulgar. Drinking cocktails sounded so grown up, and now it sounds like a stumbling block.


3. Lighting Fast Reflexes

This reflex – this innate knowing what is going to happen next is like being a psychic but with only milliseconds of advanced warning.

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4. Eyes in the Back of Her Head

This is going back to my mom “just knowing” that I was going off the deep end when I was in college. You cannot keep a secret from a mom who wants to know what is going on in the lives of her babies. It would seem more like they have bugs planted in your cellphone and that girl in geometry class is actually a 30 year-old con artist hired by mom to be her personal informant. No. She is simply a mom, connected by DNA and a very deep and inexplicable bond with her child that translates into “just knowing” just about everything.


Sacrifice comes easy to a mom, even when it costs her everything. I might even go as far as to say that moms are in a league of their own when it comes to heroism, throwing themselves in the line of fire, defying gravity and dying to themselves on a regular basis.


I sound like I’m bragging. I’m a mom. You must think I consider myself pretty dang cool. The truth is, I do.





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