How to Hit the Best Garage Sales Every Time

This summer for my mom, my sister and I has been a whirlwind of garage sales and finding awesome deals. I think I got my baby boy’s entire next-size-up wardrobe for a total of $25.


Garage sales can be a gold mine when it comes to saving money on everything from dishes to decor, or they can be a total dud. One thing is for sure, America might be the only place on earth that re-sells pretty awesome stuff for practically nothing.


My sister was the one always telling me where to go for the best sales and finally I found out how she found them all: the glory and blessing called! This marvel not only tells you where the garage sales are happening, but also gives you a description, and sometimes with helpful photos of what you are about to see.


Even using this time-saving tool, we have been disappointed on many stops, so we figured out the best formula for finding the best sales every time.


Be Strategic About Timing

There is nothing more disheartening than seeing a photo of a beautiful dresser, or reading the description offering a nearly new ice cream maker and arriving to find it sold.


I used to think garage sales were a weekend activity and boy was I proven wrong. Don’t wait till Saturday! Many sales start Wednesdays or Thursdays and by the time Saturday rolls around, the amazing stuff you saw on are gone. Pfft, like that.


If you can plan your Weekday mornings around a great garage sale romp, do it. You will find the best deals and you won’t miss out on the best stuff.


The Type of Sale Says a Lot

If you are looking for a particular type of item (e.g. Toys, clothes, kitchen appliances, etc.) it helps to know what kind of sale you are going to hit.


What do I mean by that?


You can go to any old garage sale, or you can check for my three favorite types of sales.


Multi-family sales

This is one garage sale with TONS of stuff compiled by several families which can translate to clothes of all sizes, bicycles, bigger toys, even home goods. Also, if your looking to make over your Christmas tree this year, a multi-family sale usually has a pretty plump Christmas collection.


Neighborhood sales

Neighborhood sales are usually done by city, so you’ll do some driving, but many times you’ll be able to hit 3 to 4 sales in a block or two stretch. This way you’re not driving all over kingdom come, but a few blocks at a time. While I cannot guarantee that all 3 to 4 sales on that block will rock your world, I can say that statistically your chances of finding what you want are higher, and it’s much more convenient.

Estate sales

Typically estate sales are the best for things like furniture, kitchen ware and anything home-related. Of course you can find these types of things at a garage sale too, but the idea is to know what you’re getting before you get there.


Armed with this website and a pocket full of ones, you can conquer the garage sale beast.


Good luck and happy sale-ing!




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