3 Ingredients to Sure Success

You can be who you want to be. You can become a success no matter how you define the word. You can do the same things that millionaires of done, if you want to. The human will is enough to change the course of history. The following ingredients to success allow you to do something that is so important for pursuing your goals: be yourself. You cannot do something that is against your nature, your core. You can do anything that is in line with it. If you have a charitable heart, you can raise millions for the poor.

I have a business endeavor that I want to be a success. I have the perfect remedy for failure and sometimes I’m a big fool and ignore what is in my reach: the ingredients to success.


The good news is that I know what those ingredients are. Lots of folks go through life in an ignorant fog, or worse. They feel entitled, and when they don’t get handed what they think thy deserve their only recourse is resentment and bitterness. I’m thankful that at least I know better. I know that I can reach my goal, I can become a successful entrepreneur as a blogger because I believe what I write, and I care if this information is implemented.


Check your inner pantry and find these ingredients for success.



This is probably the most obvious answer. You’re thinking, I should just Google it. Maybe you should. The Internet is an amazing resource that the blue collar and less-privileged now enjoy. One that a good chunk of our society uses to make millions every day. There is no excuse, it is so accessible that we all should have grown a million miles closer to our goals by now.


Maybe I can inspire you. I met a young man while traveling in South America who was by all accounts rich. He was a nomad, but he lived as he wished. He told me he traded currency for a living. Entirely online. He said that no one taught him anything, he just hopped on the Internet and started doing it, finding that it was only a matter of simple math.


I also know of a girl who started writing about thrifty crafts and homemaking online. She is a professional blogger. A millionaire. She’s writing about what she loves online.


I started this blog in hopes that I could make a living out of it. Since I started doing this I can give you my financial report in a word: zip. Set aside the time to read, to educate yourself, to learn more about what makes you tick, even if knitting is what makes you tick. I am ashamed to say that I have not been using the other two obvious resources at my finger tips either.


This is the simple practice, the art, the impossible feat of doing what you say you’re going to do. Some people call it “drive.” I call it the human will.


I read that a person is more likely to fail if they share their goals with people, and I’m telling you what I want to gain from blogging. I hope to gain perspective, to change the mentality of women like me, to encourage and push women to be their best selves. I also hope to earn a living. In exchange my readers will gain the blessing of having someone else’s experience to look at and avoid the mistakes I make. Or they can follow in my successful footsteps. I can tell you right now, if I can do it, with all my hang ups and insecurities, literally anyone can do it.


Instead of talking about it, which I’ve done too much of, the smart idea would be to simply follow through on the goal from the first thought. Being a “doer.” I’ve often found that driven people are quiet people. They don’t announce that they will earn a million dollars that month. They may announce, however, that they did earn a million dollars last month.


Finally, the last jar on the shelf is the one full of



As I said, I might be able to fill a post about the crippling enemy we business people deal with daily, which is fear. Somehow, when it comes to becoming who I want to become, I can more easily believe the lie that it is impossible. It is easier to believe that I won’t reach my goals as an entrepreneur.


The problem with fear is that it is a lot like chocolate cake in front of a fat kid. You shouldn’t eat it, half the time the cake doesn’t even taste as good as it looks. But you give in because you are a fat kid and eating the cake is easy. Except in this case it’s not cake, it’s fear. It’s our nature to do what’s easy. Fear makes life really easy. Safe. Uneventful really. The fact is, and I’m not bragging, I’ve already proven that I can be fearless. My mom would call it rebellious, because I am one of the lucky few who at one time viewed the word “can’t” as a personal challenge.


I’m dealing with the added curse that people actually believe in me. Maybe this past rebellious nature would wake up if someone told me that I was crazy


Again, studies show that if you tell someone your end goal, you are more likely to fail or give up altogether. I am risking telling you my goals for your benefit. If you want to reach your goal, check your pantry for these 3 ingredients and then keep it to yourself. It will be way more fun to buy your mom a car than to witness her reaction when you tell her you want to make your living by selling widgets in Dubai, or writing about magic tricks, or starting a nonprofit organization that rescues people in slavery.


Information. Gain knowledge, then use it. Diligence. Do whatever it is that you’ve purposed to do. Courage. When fear paralyses you, do it anyway.



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