Diaper Free by Age 2

Warning: correct bathroom and body terms are used in this post. Also affiliate links are a part of this blog’s livelihood. 


Picture your little baby strutting confidently around your house with no diaper (and preferably in pants), meanwhile you are more than confident that if baby needs to go she will head straight to her baby-sized potty chair to do the deed, and promptly scream for you to come clean her tushy. Life isn’t perfect…

Maybe you’ve read about early potty training before and scoffed. Before hitting 2 years you’re just hoping that your kiddo sleeps through the night! I am currently potty training my baby even though he hasn’t sat on a toilet yet. My sister (2-kid veteran) turned me on to a certain style of potty training, and she was turned on to it by her Belarusian in-laws. Patience! We’ll get to the method of all this madness in a moment.



Before you have a chance to disregard what I’m about to expose to you as fool-proof early potty training I want to appeal to your sense of open-mindedness. Other cultures, other countries are doing things that have been working for decades. There are a few Mexican idiosyncrasies that I used to roll my eyes about and now I have to hang my head and say, “you were right, Mexico.”


My sister’s potty success story started when her first baby was still very little, and she told me all about how it worked. On the other hand, I also have a friend who potty trained all her kids using the stop everything and concentrate on baby for a week method (not the official term for it I’m pretty sure). After reading a ton on potty training, I’ve decided to mesh two tried and true methods together to get the best possible result, which gave me something potty- and poopy-related to do with my boy before he even turned one.


The Two-Pronged Method

1. Preparation in Advance


Since about 6 months of age I’ve been practicing my poop-grunt with baby. Each time I noticed him making his adorable strained poopy face, I grab the opportunity as he’s squeezing to say the word “poop” and imitate my own poop grunt. This actually took a little practice to perfect my grunt, sometimes I would over-do it.


Peeing is hard to catch because there is no grunting involved, but a valuable practice that I can’t stress enough is using the actual anatomical terminology for pee and poop parts. Boys discover their penis very quickly, and they are also very attuned to connecting words to object well before they can speak. When you catch him reaching for it when he’s naked, take advantage of the moment to make sure he understands that he has found his penis. Not his wee-wee, his peeper or his little birdie. When you are cleaning his backside be sure and use an appropriate word for buttocks (butt or bum are the ones that are aligned with my beliefs.


Still in preparation-mode for the final goal, the next step is setting your baby on her potty chair and encouraging her to go. Now, you have to use your mommy intuition for this next one, but I can help. First, you need to be aware of what I call the poop cue. This is the clue she gives you when she’s preparing to go. This can be anything from going behind a piece of furniture, stopping in her tracks, or even the very first sign of a tense little poop face. When you pick up on her cue, pick her up and run to the potty. 


This is where the grunting comes in handy. Each time you grunted before it was always while she was pooping in her diaper, now steady her on the potty and grunt until she realizes she’s gotta do some grunting of her own.